I wear my sisters clothes

Blog de um Crossdresser, virgem (não faço sexo nem com homens nem com mulheres). Me visto de mulher desde os 12 anos.
Sou fascinado pelo universo feminino.
Aqui vou postar fotos de crossdressers, travestis e mulheres com roupas que eu gosto, cabelos e maquiagem.

Blog of a Crossdresser, virgin (I dont have sex with men or women).
I like to dress like a girl since I was 12 years old.
I am fascinated by the female universe.
My blog will have crossdresser pics, shemales pics and womens pics with clothes, hairstyle and make up that I like

Seryozha Chernykh


"Lookng #ass day of interviews wearing Arthur Mendonca and my jewelry" :D http://andrejpejic.myshopify.com #toronto #life #dailygrind, Push Canada

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Alexander Pezhich

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It all starts when you try on a panties for the first time…Your life will change forever

It all starts when you try on a panties for the first time…
Your life will change forever

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Stop denying your desires, you want to feel lace and silk on your body, login, add it to your cart and buy it. Buy it and wear it to bed, wear it under your clothes to work. Wear it when you go to the movies.

A sissy who denies themselves isn’t a sissy at all, now put on your panties so I can check and make sure you’re nice and tucked.



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