I wear my sisters clothes

Blog de um Crossdresser, virgem (não faço sexo nem com homens nem com mulheres). Me visto de mulher desde os 12 anos.
Sou fascinado pelo universo feminino.
Aqui vou postar fotos de crossdressers, travestis e mulheres com roupas que eu gosto, cabelos e maquiagem.

Blog of a Crossdresser, virgin (I dont have sex with men or women).
I like to dress like a girl since I was 12 years old.
I am fascinated by the female universe.
My blog will have crossdresser pics, shemales pics and womens pics with clothes, hairstyle and make up that I like

When I started I had no idea that exist the word “crossdresser” I was 12, there was no internet, I also had no idea that existed others guys who liked to dress as a girl, i had never never seen photos or read the about it.

Without being influenced by anything or anyone, I started to feel horny when I imagined myself  wearing women’s clothes.

At that time, there was a girl that I liked and I always jerked off thinking about her, she used to wore short dresses and skirts, her skirt that I liked most  was a denim miniskirt, whenever I saw this girl with this skirt I jerked off thinking about her, my sister had a skirt similar to this girl´s skirt and I felt horny imagining myself wearing it.

One day when I was home alone, I went to her wardrobe and wear the denim miniskirt, I didnt wear a panties, I put over my  underwear, I got so horny, and I masturbated a short time later.

The next time I was home alone again, I put a pair of panties and the same skirt, I’ll never forget the sensation of wearing panties for the first time, it was amazing, I loved feeling the panties on me, I was very horny and I jerked off.

The third time I dressed up completely, put the panties, bra, the same denim miniskirt, pantyhose, a top tank, I put lipstick and a high heel.

The feeling of wearing a bra for the first time was wonderful, amazing, unforgettable, I loved that feeling.

And so, every time I was home alone I got dressed up as a girl. every outfit that I wore, was a new discovery, a new world that I loved.

Every time that my sister bought new clothes, I waited for the chance to be alone at home and get dressed, I remember especially a lace dress that I loved, once I spent a whole afternoon with this dress.

I already spent a long time without crossdressing, but I never lost the desire of wearing women’s clothes.

Every time I see a pretty woman, I pay attention to her clothes, I imagine myself wearing her clothes, I want to be her.

I no longer live with my sister, because she got married, so I cant wear her clothes any more, so I am starting to buy some clothes for me.

I made this blog to see and share pictures that I like and also to talk about myself and chat.

I’ll post others things about me in the link “about me” on on the main page of the blog.


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